Digital may be exciting and the wave of the future, but traditional black and white caricatures on paper is still in great demand.

Over the last 29 years, Tony has entertained for nearly all the Fortune 500 companies in Atlanta and countless private parties, weddings, mitzvahs, college events and so much more.

Tony averages 18 faces per hour - one of the fastest in Atlanta. He draws 3/4 view and works on high quality, 11" x 17" cover stock, which can be preprinted ahead
of time - free of charge - with a logo, theme or any wording you'd like. This is a great way to personalize
the event and will keep the memories alive long
after the day has passed.

Tony can easily draw couples and if he turns the paper horizontally, can get as many as five faces on one sheet of paper. Makes for a great family caricature!

All finished caricatures are placed flat in a protective plastic bag, never rolled or rubber-banded.

If you have an event and are anticipating a lot of people, then traditional may be the solution for you. And if it's a huge event, no worries - Tony will be happy to arrange as many artists as you need.

Tony's favorite private event to entertain? Weddings! Not just because he's part of the biggest day in
a couple's life, but because he has the opportunity
to draw elderly relatives, who might
otherwise not sit for a caricature.

"There's so much character and life experience in the faces of our elderly. The things they've seen and lived through. To try and capture that in a few minutes
and get a genuine smile in return is very satisfying. And I'm always amazed that more often than not,
this is the first time they've had a caricature done."


Photo: Digital Memories By Christy


Depending on location and length of event

  • Hourly Minimums Apply
  • Travel Fees Where Applicable.
  • Special 1-Hour Rate for
    Fayette County only  (inquire)



  • How did you get started with caricatures?

    I studied graphic design & illustration at Virginia Commonwealth University but I've always enjoyed cartooning. One of my clients was involved with a number of local festivals and said if I could draw caricatures, he'd have more work for me.

    So I practiced drawing pictures of celebrities until my wife could recognize who they were. Over the years, I continued to develop my technique and  increase my speed. Even today, I always look for ways to improve.

  • How many can you do in an hour?

    I average 18 faces/hour - more if I draw couples. I can even draw as many as five faces on one sheet of paper.

  • What kind of paper/supplies do you use?

    I work on a high quality, 11" x 17" cover stock and use a few different black markers. (Yes, they smell but they're non-toxic. )


  • Do you offer color on location?

    No; the only color option I offer are digital caricatures. Traditional color materials - chalk, pastel, color stix - are messy and time consuming.

  • What kind of branding opportunities does traditional offer?

    For a corporate event, we can preprint a logo, theme or any wording you'd like. As I work on 11 x 17 paper, I usually keep this along the bottom 3" of the paper, leaving plenty of room for faces. You can see samples of preprinted paper in the gallery above.

    With weddings, a popular approach would be something like:

    Brad and Holly's Wedding Day!
    June 15, 2016
    Thanks for Celebrating With Us!

    All preprinting is done in black and white. You can have color if you wish, but there will be an extra charge. Currently, FedEx Office charges $1.30/copy (price subject to change.)


  • How do I protect my caricature when you're done?

    All finished caricatures are placed flat in protective plastic bags, never rolled or rubber-banded.

  • What do you need from me? How long does it take to set up?

    I work off a self-standing easel so the only thing I need are two standard chairs and adequate lighting. I always bring two clamp-on lights for evening events just in case, but they're more effective as secondary lighting. Regardless, access to electricity would be needed.

    If I am working outdoors during the hot summer months, I also bring a couple of fans (because nothing's worse than sweating all over your artwork) as well as a 100' extension cord. So again, access to electricity is required.

    As it only takes a few minutes to set up, I usually arrive 15-30 minutes before my starting time.

  • If you're there early, why don't you start working?

    I show up early as a courtesy to my client, so they won't have to worry about my being late. Event/party planners especially appreciate this, as there are usually a million things to do and this is one less thing to worry about. I am
    all about making life easier for my clients.

    However, this does not mean that I start drawing just because I got there early. Unless the client authorizes to pay for that extra time, I don't start until my contractual time.

  • Do you ever charge by the caricature?

    Very rarely. Charging by the caricature (also known as "Retail") is common at theme parks, festivals, fairs, etc. I did quite a few of these  early in my career but unless there are tens of thousands of people attending, I really don't make much money. I prefer to focus on corporate and private events.

  • Do you work more corporate or private events?

    It's pretty close but I would say that private wins out over corporate. Barely.

  • What is your policy for charities/fundraisers, etc?

    Depending on the charity and my schedule, I am happy to offer a discounted rate for certain events. I'll even do several pro bono events each year, for causes near and dear to my heart.

    But the demand far outweighs my availability and despite so many good and worthy organizations, most times I have to simply say no.

  • What if I need additional artists?

    I get calls for multi-artist events all the time and have a network of talented artists that I call on, both local to Atlanta and nationwide.  My studio will be happy to work out all the logistics so you only have to deal with one artist, not several.

  • How far do you travel?

    While the majority of my events are in metro Atlanta and surrounding areas,
    I am available for travel anywhere in the US and worldwide.

    I travel often to Alabama and Tennessee and will drive to events that are within a five hour radius from Atlanta (but I require a minimum number of hours before doing so.) Anything outside that radius will require air travel.

    Travel expenses (mileage, hotel, per diem, etc,) will apply.


  • What are your terms and method of payment?

    Once we come to an agreement, I will forward a contract outlining all the specifics. Once it's signed and returned with the deposit (25-50%) your event is secured. The balance should be paid seven days prior to the event.

    I accept checks, credit cards and Paypal (both subject to 3.5% transaction fee.)

  • You convinced me! How do I book your services?

    You can call me at 678-817-0169 or send an email from my Contact Tony page, which will give me the specifics of your event. You can expect to hear back from me within 24 hours.


We continue to use Caricatures by Tony year after year at our annual company picnic. Tony and his team are extremely professional. They are always on time and ready to work. Their caricatures are a huge hit with our employees, a definite highlight of the day.

We can’t thank Tony and his team enough for helping make our company picnic a success!


Lauren Duke

Walton Communities

We recently had Tony at our annual women's event which had about 100 attendees. The women loved getting their caricatures done as well as watching while he completed others. In addition to being so easy to work with during the planning stages, he was funny, engaging and was the hit of our event! We would highly recommend him for any event that you want to make memorable.


Beth Slone

Aon Brokerage Group

After hearing from a few artists, Tony stood out because he was very genuine. Without even meeting him face to face until he delivered my husband's digital caricature, I felt very comfortable in hiring him. He was very professional and used his past event experiences to help guide me, to make sure that I would get the best value of his time and work ethic.

Our guests were predominantly African American but Tony fit right in because he is very transparent, funny by character and definitely a people person. I could not of thought of a better artist to help add flavor to my event. Our guests loved their black and white caricatures!

Thanks again Tony. Can't wait to use you again in the near future!


Torena Kennix

One of the highlights of our NY themed Bat Mitzvah celebration was the caricature artist Tony.  The kids and the adults loved it and loved comparing pictures. Tony looked the part of a NY city street artist, he was charming and knew how to manage the crowd.  Fun addition to our event!  Thanks Tony!


Miriam Haviv

Thank you for a fabulous event! Everyone raved about their caricatures!


Jennifer Lackey, ABC

Storybook Wedding Consulting

One word... AWESOME. We had a private holiday party at our home (approx 65 people) and Tony was a hit! Everyone loved the idea and Tony did such a great job with our guests.

He was engaging, friendly and so easy to work with. And, his work was GREAT!


Daniel Grider

Tony, our clients are always pleased with
your work. Your artistry and great friendly service is much appreciated. I always know you represent my company well.


John Salamone

WOW Factor of Atlanta


You made the event! Everyone LOVED your work, personality, professionalism and humor. Top notch! I will definitely be booking you again for business and personal events!


Kathryn Vignati
Greenleaf Management, LLC

Thank you again for making our TSG team event a success.  I appreciate your ease of handling large crowds as word of mouth spread throughout our building and the “party crashers” showed up to have their caricatures done.

Everyone commented on how talented you were and unbelievably fast.

We will definitely look forward to working with you again.


Tracey Henderson

Tony came to our company picnic and was a big hit! He drew pictures of all our employees that I am having framed and put on our wall at the office. He also did family pictures as well. Very professional and such talent!

I would recommend him for any event and hope to use him again in the future.


Kris Damiani


Tony was wonderful to work with and his caricatures were a highlight of our graduation night lock in. The kids were thrilled with their drawings and enjoyed comparing them with friends.

Tony created a special banner on the paper with their school and the year that made them a real keepsake. He arrived early to set up and was enthusiastic even though his shift was from midnight to 3:00 am!

I highly recommend him both for his talent as an artist and his professionalism!


Anita Sullivan

We loved having Tony at our event! From a coordinator's standpoint, he was great to work with and it made my job easy!
The caricatures were a great addition to the party and each guest's keepsake made the occasion memorable. I would recommend him to everyone looking to add something special to any event.


Cicesely Ingram
Scuf Gaming

Thanks Tony! All the kids had a blast getting their caricatures drawn. My kids
go to a lot of mitzvah’s and they have only been to one in January 2014 where they were drawn by a caricature artist.  It’s a very cool experience when the artist is truly talented!  So your talent was much appreciated and now I have to frame all three of my kids!  I have even heard from some of their friends parents that they thought it was super cool and want it framed.

It was a great experience and you are very friendly and easy going to work with which is always appreciated!


Lori Carling


We were fortunate to have Tony at our company Christmas event and he was a pleasure to work with!  Tony responded quickly to my inquiries and was very accommodating.

He is a very talented artist. Not only did our employees enjoy having their caricatures done, but Tony also really interacted and had a lot of fun with them as he has a great personality and a fun sense of humor! We would enjoy having Tony at our future events.


Robin Holsonback

BMW North Atlanta

Tony was wonderful! He answered every email he sent me within a 24 hour turnaround time. He was on time and all my guests loved him. I didn't get a chance to meet him at my wedding because everyone was pulling us around but the guests showed me their drawings done by him and they were wonderful!

He also had our name and the date on the wedding printed on the paper he used. My only regret was not having the opportunity
to get my picture drawn. I will be using him again!


Tiana Richey

One of the highlights of our NY themed Bat Mitzvah celebration was caricature artist Tony Brischler. The kids and the adults loved it and loved comparing pictures. Tony looked the part of a NY city street artist, he was charming and knew how to manage the crowd. Fun addition to our event!  Thanks Tony!


Miriam Haviv

Tony provided such an amazing service that I gave him a perfect score! He arrived early to advise me on the location that would best meet his needs to draw fun and fantastic caricatures. My guests loved the artwork and Tony was able to make the event more personal by preprinting the drawing paper
with the event's tag line.

I highly recommend you use Caricatures by Tony for your next event because he is THE BEST for making your event special!


Sabina  Moise

Tony is the best! We booked him for our wedding reception on 6/18/16. We had over 100 guests attend our wedding, he was very patient and professional. I had several guests call me and inquire about him and rave about how great the drawings were. I would definitely recommend booking him. You rock!!


Lavertis & KeMaya Howard

This amazing caricature artist, known as Caricatures by Tony arrived in South Georgia on a Saturday evening to perform at a birthday party. He approached the old antebellum home with enthrallment and
was welcomed in with cheers. The group celebrating the party was astounded,
amazed and just stunned with the
remarkable work performed by Tony.

What a great act to have at any event! He
will contribute to the success of the party,
not only with his caricatures, but with his amazing attitude and smile that reaches everyone. AMAZING!!!


Allen Shaw

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