You're looking for a unique gift idea for a relative or friend. Maybe they're about to graduate from high school or college, celebrate a milestone birthday, get married or even retire. Or maybe you want to capture the personalities of your office staff in a way no photograph could.

Then consider a customized, full color digital caricature, an original piece of artwork that can be treasured for years to come.

Drawn from your photos, these digital drawings average 5 - 10 hours to create. Complex groupings, up to 20 hours. This is a far cry from the quickie color sketches you get at a theme park.

Your subject can be drawn in any activity you wish - a favorite sport, hobby or occupation. Incorporate other items of interest or add additional faces to personalize the artwork even more. You're limited only by your imagination (and budget.)

The final image will be printed out on glossy paper at any size you wish, suitable for matting and framing. In addition, you will receive a low resolution version to share online.


One Person - $250.00

Includes full body, background, logos,
professional typesetting and
glossy print up to 18" x 24."


Add additional people for $150.00 each.

Portrait Only - $50-$125/head

Head and shoulders only. Can include logos
and typesetting. Glossy print extra.

Group Caricatures - Inquire


Allow a minimum of 2 weeks for completion.
Rush inquiries subject to 50-100% surcharge.


Complex backgrounds may require
an extra charge.


Buyer is responsible for pickup and
postage costs, if applicable.


Lamination and mounting are available
but Tony does not offer matting or
framing services at this time.



  • Why are your commissions only available in digital format?

    Besides offering more creative options, digital produces more vibrant, intense colors than pastel, chalk or color pencil. Revisions, if necessary, are much easier. (You make a mistake with marker, you have to draw it all over again. Been there.)

    Including a logo is a breeze as well as the option of typesetting a personal message in a font/style that enhances the rendering. This is great because like many artists, I have lousy handwriting.

    Digital allows posters of any size and if you have a group caricature, everyone can get a copy. Also, with the low resolution file provided,
    you can share it online without worrying about scanning a large piece of artwork.

    And unlike traditional artwork, digital won't fade over time.

  • Do you offer any with traditional materials at all?

    Occasionally, I will create a black and white commission. These are done in marker on the same cover stock I use at events. But no color. If you are interested in having one of these done, please inquire for pricing.

  • What photos work best for a commission?

    The bigger the better; after all, I can only draw from what I see. If you give me a photo where the subject's face is about an inch tall, I'm not going to be able to see that much detail.

    I also recommend sending me several photos from a variety of angles and expressions. While I prefer 3/4 view with the person facing to my left, there are times where a front view is preferable.

    I also ask for an eye and hair description, just in case it's not clear in the pictures.

  • What about the background?

    When submitting photos, you should also include a description of what you want the person doing in the caricature. Obviously, I expect a certain amount of creative license (that's why you hired me, right?) but a few personal touches can make all the difference.

    For example:

    • If the person is playing a sport, what are the colors of their uniform? Does their shirt have a number?
    • If the person is driving a vehicle, what kind is it? What color?
    • If I'm to draw them at their occupation, are there specific tools of the trade I should include?

    With specific requests, you may need to supply a photo reference.

  • How big of a poster can I order?

    You can print anywhere from 48" wide to whatever length you like. Posters are charged by the square foot.

  • How do I get my poster?

    Clients usually prefer I ship the poster in a sturdy mailing tube. (Material and shipping costs billed separately.) If I'm going to be working an event in your area, it's possible we can set up a time/place to meet.

  • You also include a digital copy. Can I print this on my business card?

    In a word, no. For one, I furnish a low resolution file, which is suitable to share online but not for print, which requires a higher resolution.

    Second, images created for advertising, promotional or marketing use - be it print or website - have more responsibility and value than an image that's hung on a wall. You've essentially used it as a branding tool. Therefore, I treat it as an illustration, which is subject to copyright and reproduction restrictions.

    If you're interested in having a caricature done for such purposes, it's best to discuss this ahead of time. Not only will you have an image suitable for your needs but your bases will be covered, legally.

  • Do you have a place where I can come and pose for a caricature?

    I do not entertain private sittings in my home. All commission work is done exclusively from photos.

  • I just heard about this and I need one done in two days. Can you do it?

    Depending on my schedule, I may or may not be able to accommodate your request. If I can, there will be anywhere from a 50% -100% rush fee.

  • What is your payment policy?

    My policy is 100% of the fee at the time the order is placed. The reason for doing so is that I have been left with caricatures and photos in the past. And it's no fun doing all that work and not getting paid.

    Payment options: cash and check. Credit cards and Paypal are accepted, subject to 3.5% transaction fee.

  • Sounds great! How do I order?

    You can call me at 678-817-0169 or send an email from my Contact Tony page. You can expect to hear back from me within 24 hours.


Tony's artwork has brought our office to life!  We love having such a fun way to decorate our gray office walls.  When guests stop-in, the superheroes are the first thing they comment on every time.  Each one is unique, and each one expresses an individual personality.  One of our company core values is 'Edgy Spirit,' and Tony's caricatures help us live that part of our culture every day!


Jenny Mason

Director of Sales

Topgolf Alpharetta

We were absolutely blown away and impressed beyond belief by Tony Brischler’s talent and artistry!  When we asked if you could arrange for us a caricature composite of the personalities in our office never in a hundred years did we expect results like this!


Thank you, Tony, for making this happen so beautifully and so quickly. It's fantastic!


Jenny Fedewa

Absolutely Charleston

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