With nearly 500 hours of digital entertainment since 2012, Tony is Atlanta's true premiere digital caricaturist. His on-site appearances combined
with 23 years of computer experience have earned him the status of "digital trailblazer" in Atlanta.

A unique blend of art, technology and entertainment, Digital Caricatures are ideal for trade shows, conventions, corporate events, bar/bat mitzvahs, wedding receptions or any high-end event.

Here is what you can expect with the digital experience:

  • Guests drawn on a professional
    graphics tablet.
  • Digital color averages  5-6 minutes each.
  • Digital b/w averages 3-4 minutes each.
  • Guests receive a 4 x 6 print in less
    than a minute.
  • Prints can be customized with a logo, date, background, etc.
  • Each print contains a link for a free digital download to share online.
  • Complimentary lanyards.
  • 29" TV monitor for audience viewing
    (table top display is standard.)
  • HD projector available.
  • Multiple branding opportunities.

Love the idea of digital but have too many guests?

Go B/W with line art or a splash of gray!

A 14 hour trade show. Three digital artists.

A steady line of  70+ people every day.

This could be your booth!

$250/hr (two hour minimum)

Includes everything described above with a
table top TV stand.

Discounts available for multi-day events.

Travel fees where applicable.

Optional Equipment/Services

70" Elevated TV stand: $100/event

HD Projector (75" screen available): $100/event

Customized Background: $0-$100

Assistant: $25/hr
(Monitors printing and lanyards, allowing
Tony to work without interruption)

Bonus Offer!

Book an event for 4 hours or more and

get your choice of elevated TV stand or
projector free!



  • How did you get into digital caricatures?

    I had been offering traditional b/w caricatures (marker on paper) since 1988.

    While I was aware of other artists in the US offering live color digital and had even created numerous studio digital illustrations, I stayed with what I knew best.

    In 2012, an event for Microsoft gave me the opportunity to try digital onsite.
    I was amazed with the audience's reaction, especially with a projector connected to the tablet.  There's nothing like seeing a 14' x 20' caricature being drawn right before your eyes. The enthusiasm I witnessed convinced me there was a market for this here in Atlanta. From there, I made the commitment - financially and professionally - to expand into digital caricatures. Digital comprises nearly 30% of my events and it grows more each year.

  • How many caricatures can you do in an hour?

    Each color digital caricature averages 5-6 minutes so we're talking around 10 per hour, which is pretty much the standard. If you're expecting a lot of people, then we can do b/w with or without gray wash. These average 12-17 per hour and we can still incorporate color in the background.

  • Can you draw couples? How many faces can you fit on the paper?

    I can draw individuals and couples on a 4 x 6 print.

  • Why is digital more expensive than traditional?

    Digital is a far more specialized form of entertainment as there simply aren't as many artists offering it. It requires a considerable financial investment and a substantial amount of practice, as the transition from paper to glass is not a quick one. There are also more branding options available with digital.

    The primary value to digital is that the entertainment factor has increased exponentially. With traditional, you have to look over my shoulder to see what's going on. With digital (via the  TV or projector ) the whole room can be entertained by what I'm doing.

    I've worked events where I had people come up to me afterwards and say,
    "I wasn't able to get mine done but I enjoyed watching you draw all night!"

    I often give this analogy to prospective clients: a magician can entertain a whole room of people, but not everyone is going to go home with a party favor. That pretty much describes the essence of digital.

  • Why should I hire a digital caricaturist over a traditional one?

    While everyone has seen a traditional caricaturist at one time or another, few have experienced the digital treatment, which is why it's such a popular attraction. You'll be giving your guests something truly unique and not readily available. Other considerations:

    - Traditional caricatures are larger so rather than carry them, folks tend to put them aside, out of sight. The digital print is placed in a lanyard so folks will wear them all day long, keeping your name & event visible at all times.

    - Color is always preferable to black and white and digital offers that option without the messy traditional materials.

    - People have a natural interest of technology and love to see it in action.

    - Ease of social media utilization makes it easy to share without having to scan or take a picture of the artwork.

    - The entertainment factor (as previously described) is something you can't match with traditional.

    - And of course, digital just simply looks cooler!

  • Tell me about the free digital downloads.

    Before each event, I prepare a folder on an image hosting website. I create a customized link back to that folder  - and that folder only - and add it to the preprinted area of the 4 x 6 paper.

    After finishing a caricature, the image is saved as a jpeg to my computer and
    at the end of each day, I upload all the images to that folder. All the guest has to do is type in that url and download their digital file. From there, they can email it, post it on Facebook, etc.


  • What kind of branding opportunities does digital offer?

    Branding is a valuable feature of digital. As it relates more to events like trade shows or conventions, this response will focus on the corporate perspective.

    First, I customize the paper with your logo, theme, date whatever you wish. Because the prints are only 4 x 6, we don't have a great deal of room but there are still ways to get creative within that small area.

    When the finished caricature is placed in the complimentary lanyard, your guests will walk throughout the event wearing it around their neck, your logo in full view. It'll be like having dozens of walking billboards promoting your company. And lanyards are known to flip around so we can also put a b/w
    slip sheet on the back with something like "I got mine at [company name], Booth #100!"

    The digital downloads present another opportunity. Rather then have them stored on my image hosting site, the client can elect to either set up a site themselves or send them directly to each person the following week. This would require a few more logistics - mainly getting a valid email  - but it offers another way to connect with your customers.

    The key to really making this work is a little advance promotion on the part
    of the client. If you're exhibiting in a trade show, let your customers know there will be a digital artist there, and what times each day. Perhaps even include a flyer in the Welcome Package.


  • What about backgrounds?

    If you want a customized background beyond what's been described, there could be a separate art fee up to $100, depending on its complexity. These are handled on a case-by-case basis.

  • What do you need from me? How long does it take to set up?

    All I need are two standard chairs, a small table to display the printer and lanyards, adequate lighting and access to electricity. I supply everything else, including a 29" TV monitor. If you prefer a larger monitor, you will need to provide that yourself.

    I would also be more than happy to work out the most effective setup position
    in your booth. You might think an 8 x 10 is too small but its been done many times.

    I always arrive at least one hour before my start time. Setup takes about
    30-40 minutes. Tear down takes about 20 minutes.

  • What if I need additional artists?

    I get calls for multi-artist events all the time and have a network of talented artists that I call on, both local to Atlanta and nationwide. My studio will be happy to work out all the logistics so you only have to deal with one artist,
    not several.

    How do you know if you'll need more than one artist? If your event has around 30 guests, one artist can take care of them in three hours. If you have a larger event, like a trade show or wedding reception and the budget allows, then  multiple artists should be considered.

    But as previously mentioned, the purpose of digital isn't always to get everyone drawn, but to entertain as well.

  • What kind of equipment do you use?

    I work on a Wacom Cintiq Companion tablet, running Windows OS. Wacom, a company that has been around for decades, is the industry standard for pressure sensitivity products, so it's the most natural way for artists to work digitally.

    I use a drawing program called Manga Studio 5; there a dozen different choices for drawing/painting programs but this works best for my technique and style.

    For the 4 x 6 prints, I use an Epson PictureMate; small, fast and mobile.

  • Do you have backup equipment in case of technical difficulties?

    Absolutely! This has already happened on several previous occasions. Technology can be finicky at times and having your tablet freeze up at
    an event can be an artist's worse nightmare. (Well, that and clowns...)

    I always bring two Wacom Companion tablets and a second printer with me on every event. Both tablets are prepped identically so in the event I have to switch out, downtime is only a few minutes.

    If you hire someone who isn't prepared, both of you are taking a tremendous risk.

  • How far do you travel?

    While the majority of my events stretch from Tennessee to Florida, I am available to travel anywhere in the US and the world. I can drive to events that are within a six hour radius from Atlanta (hourly minimums apply); anything further may require air travel. Travel expenses (mileage, airfare, hotel, per diem, etc,) will apply.

    If I have to fly to an event, I ask that the client provide the TV monitor and display stand.

  • What are your terms and method of payment?

    Once we come to an agreement, I will forward a contract outlining all the specifics. Once it's signed and returned with the deposit (25-50%) your event is secured. The balance should be paid seven days prior to the event.

    I accept checks, credit cards and Paypal.

  • You convinced me! How do I book your services?

    You can call me at 678-817-0169 or send an email from my Contact Tony page and include the specifics of your event. You can expect to hear back from me within 24 hours.




Tony is as good as it gets!  He is a consummate professional and does what
is needed for the success of the event. 
His artistry impresses each client and I try
to take Tony anywhere a client brings me because I know that he'll continue to impress!


Craig Delk

Event Talent Resources

After never seeing caricatures done this way, I can't imagine ever booking anything else
but the digital experience. Not only were you able to truly customize with the "MacGyver" background but being able to watch you at work through the monitor was just as fun for the crew watching as it was for the person getting their caricature done. You were prompt, responsive and professional. Can't wait to work together again!


Justin Campbell

CBS MacGyver

Tony was truly great to work with, he is very professional,  incredibly talented, and added such an element of fun to our event! We highly recommend him and look forward to working with him again.


Ghila Sanders

The Breman Museum

We had more people show up at our booth the first day than we did at all of last year's show!


Josh RIchards

Merit Solutions

I was so impressed by Tony's professionalism, enthusiasm, talent and efficiency. If there is a caricaturist that anyone needs, especially in the Atlanta area, I can think of no one better to recommend. I will use Tony in the future whenever it makes sense to do so. Thank you - you are terrific!


Dolf Derovira

Flavor Dynamics

Thanks, Tony! Everyone really enjoyed it! We will definitely call you again!


Mary Hansen

Great Plains Industries

Tony was a definite hit! Our booth traffic increased from previous years and it brought a new layer of fun to exhibiting. We are still getting social media posts about how much attendees loved it and we look forward to working with Tony again!


Ashley Cipriano


Tony helped us drive phenomenal booth traffic at a recent B2B event in the US. Our booth was hands down the busiest for the three days of the show. Our customers and prospects absolutely loved the caricatures and the fact that we could send the digital copies to them after the show as well was great to provide a follow up touch point.


Tony is a consummate professional, so easy to do business with and a delight to have on the booth with us. He is super organized and was always in position and ready to go way before the exhibition hall opened. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a talented individual to help drive traffic to a trade show booth – or indeed for any event where a caricaturist makes sense. He’s a GREAT guy to work with.


Sean O'Donovan

Is it nice that Tony is a good guy and
easy to work with? Yes. Does it make

a difference to me that his appearance is always appropriate and that he's always on time? Sure. Is it a bonus that Tony is one of the most gifted caricaturists that
I've seen? Absolutely. But do you want to know the real reason Tony is our first call? Because Tony is worry-free and that's
what our clients count on from us.


Lee J. Howard

Lee J. Howard Entertainment

Tony did an amazing job with his digital caricatures. His abilities are highly impressive and his work generated buzz and traffic to our booth. He's very professional, personable and hard working. I wouldn't hesitate to use
him again.


Steve Grabenheimer


Thanks, Tony! You did a great job and made our booth the talk of the show!


ARA Rental Show

I hired Tony for a Bar Mitzvah I was planning at 200 Peachtree. Working with Tony was a great experience from start
to finish.

As an event planner, it is always fantastic to find vendors that deliver and that I can call on again in the future. He was always quick with responses to any questions that I had and went above and beyond to help me find some additional items that I felt would compliment his digital service.

He was a huge hit! Having over 100
kids that are pretty restless worried me because I did not think they would be able to sit still long enough but Tony is so quick without compromising the quality, that the kids were in and out and walked away
very satisfied.

A few months later I was coordinating
a wedding where Tony was hired by the groom. He did another amazing job and had not only kids but adults lining up to
get their picture drawn.

I would absolutely hire Tony again in the future. He does not disappoint.


Laura Burchfield

Lethal Rhythms Entertainment Group

Caricatures by Tony added an extra bit of fun to my son's Bar Mitzvah! Tony was great to work with and was always quick to respond to any questions I had before the event. I'm not sure who had more fun with it, the kids or the adults (I think the adults!).

I knew I made a great entertainment choice when I saw our out-of-town family wearing their caricatures on necklace lanyards the rest of the weekend.
Thanks, Tony!


Rachael King

We hired Tony to do digital caricatures for our industry conference in hopes of increasing traffic to our booth. Not only did we attract many clients but Tony was professional, talented and a pleasure to work with. We would definitely hire him again and highly recommend his services.


Brooke E. Large

Twenty First Century Communications

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